A Chef's Organised Mess

When you work in the kitchen, it is important to know where everything is, least you spend too much time searching and risking a burnt pot. Find the best way to arrange your kitchenwares and food supplies with these organisation tips.

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Wall of pots and pans


Hang up all your pots and pans for easy access. It serves as an eclectic d├ęcor, but mostly for functional purposes.

Spare wall unit


Make use of metal buckets to store all your food essentials. Line them up by the wall by the door, it makes full use of the space without compromising the design.

Black labels


If you happen to have a fine collection of spices or cooking condiments, storing them in mason jars or little glass bottles makes for good aesthetics. However, black labels allows for a classy reminder as to what that spice serves.

Drawers and shelves


Organise your kitchen equipments and food according to shelves and drawers. Almost like a mini supermarket aisle, it gives a clear view of where everything are,

Baskets for keep


Store all your supplies in baskets to pull of an organised country style pantry. This leaves an impression of a neat and spotless kitchen storage area.