Drawn to the Fine Metallic Walls

Be drawn like flies to the magic, that is - metallic wallpapers. These wallpapers take on more life than matte finishes, for one it adds dimension to a flat space. And secondly, they are just simply fancy to look at.

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Bronze in the midst of green


This bronze wallpapering with green background make an imposing statement for all who enter the space. The ornate motifs and accompanying furnishings in shades of bronze does make one feel small.

Silver sophistication


Art deco is about opulence. This idea is brought forth with the silver wallpapering, finished with repeated diamond patterns. Topped off with gold furnishing, it's really more luxury in a room than you can ask for.

A deal with teal


Teal is not an easy colour to work with, however, with yellow and bronze metallic details. The vibrance in teal is brought into view.

Splatter of gold


Even though it appears to be an abstract wallpapering, it is able to bring across the idea of a free spirited individual, mush like what the rest of the decor may suggest.

Damask in metallic hues


A simple dining area can be given a nudge with a damask designed wallpaper with metallic details. Complicated details wok especially well in simple spaces as it does not run the risk of over designing.