Head Up for Headboards

Headboards don't really serve the function of room decor. That's the thought you will have before you realise how wrong you can be. Look at headboards from a new perspective and discover ways to redecorate your space.

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Overhead display


When it comes to storage and display, there is no such thing as too much. A headboard display area gives an opportunity to place all your favorite things near you.

Not on the floor, but up on the wall


No many would imagine having a rug for a headboard. However, this stunning idea brings draws attention to the bed with its intricate details and bold colour. A focal point indeed.

Twigs and brunches


Gather the branches and twigs, and may be you will have a change to build your very own wooden headboard. Inspired by nature, it truly is a wonderful, one of a kind piece of decor.

Go big or go home


Mirrors are often used to give an illusion of a larger space. Likewise, it is used here to bring attention to the grandeur of the room. It is almost suggesting dimension.

Moonlight over your head


It can be is costly, and virtually impossible for most living in apartments to lay back and enjoy the moon through the skylights. An alternative is to have a painting as a headboard. The best part is that you will be able to enjoy it at any time of the day.