Night Light Delight

No more fear of the dark with these one of a kind night lights. Constructed to scare away nightmares and spark imagination; get ready for a restful sleep and make wonderful a dream.

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Light up in frames

Table lamps do not have to take the shape of table lamps. Quite a philosophical take, but this lighted lamp in the form of a frame complements even the most obscure design concepts.

Setting sail

Sea lovers will be enchanted by these lighthouse and sailboat night lights. Set sail to dream away and rest assured that it will light you out of even the darkest nights.

Unmeltable iceberg

Subtle light from this iceberg nightlight gives a sense of calm and wonder. Does it look like it's melting? Or does it not? You will be wondering that till your eye lids grow heavy.

Geometry and animals

Bring in your sense of adventure and incorporated wildlife into your room. These geometrically designed animals are bound to make your bedroom space all the more unique.


The best ideas come at ungodly hours. This lightbulb nightlight is probably best personifies your space. It is almost suggesting that good ideas are ever present.