A Take on Green Leaves

Designers have an eye for creating seamless spaces. The point to take away from their expertise is to find a point of reference to which the whole design fall upon. This time, green leaves are the talking point.

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Making a subtle entrance


Stepping into a space, one should not be overwhelmed by the design. A slow introduction will ease the eyes into accepting the style in the most comfortable way. This entrance in fact does not feature the theme of the space until a few steps later.

Not too much


A theme does not mean that the entire space should be overwhelmed by it. Keep it subtle to ensure create a full effect - much like the use of green in this living space.

Here and there, not everywhere


This dining area though mostly in either white or black, has hints of plant around the space. Despite being few, the green plants are actually the cornerstone of this concept.

Go for a lone stance


Kitchen are spaces that should have a clean decor to prevent looking overly cluttered. The decor should be kept to a minimal. A single potted plant brings that point across.

Just a hint


When revolving around the theme of plants for a space, it is important to make sure that there is a hint of green, even in the most obscure space. This ensures that the concept is not lost when entering a new space.