A Simple Entrance

Entrances came in many forms. Most feels that only grand entrances leave an impression, however, simplicity does its fair share of creating an impact.

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Pick functional pieces


Pull off a simple space with functionality. Swap the traditional surface for a shelving. This gives a different perspective to the space and provides storage for your things.

Simple statement


Make an understated statement with a simple floral arrangement at the entrance. To create a 'wow' factor, place an oversized mirror.

Simple intention


Sometimes a simple entrance do not even need much of a thought. A simple eclectic style chair serves the purpose of decor and can be functional as well.

Lay the carpet


There is only three things you need to do for this entrance. Roll out the carpet, find a simple surface and a vase of fresh flowers. Picking out elaborate carpet design gives a sense of meticulousness.

Reused the unused


If there is any unused furniture, no harm using it for the entrance decor. Placing a surface, along with several photos can instantly and effortlessly perk up the space.