Designing with Alphabets

Go back to basics by incorporating alphabets as part of the décor in your home. These typographical designs put a sense of nostalgia and familiarity to any space.

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Recite your alphabets

Framing up a typography of alphabets in a common area is an effective way of creating focal points as the eyes are attracted to things that are familiar.

Random alphabets

A sprawl of alphabets as though someone splashed them against the wall. This mess of alphabets is an ingenious way of making a neutral space look decorated.

Downplay the alphabets

Alphabets are usually used to spell out a word or a name in spaces. Put up initials as a way to bring about understated class to the space.

Wooden block effect

Textured wooden walls take on the form of carved out alphabets. This distinctive design changes the concept of textured walls, almost making it reminiscent of a child's play blocks.

One letter

Nothing loud with the use of a single alphabet to decorate the space. As work areas are often cluttered, minimal designs are often the adopted. To make a point, choose a bold colour.