Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen

Shelving in kitchens are almost as important as the ingredients to make some fine cuisine. Most times serving a functional purpose, it can also be used as a form of decor.

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Hanging over the sink

The space above the sink is often forgotten. An excess shelving can be created there, whether for placing your soap dispenser or even small decor such as potted plants,

Box them up

Recycle wine or fruit cartons by transforming it as storage for your kitchen. This unusual storage style is especially suited for eclectic spaces - where you can fix it up which ever way you like.

Using corners

Small spaces usually do not have the liberty of having extensive overhead storage. That is why corner areas are best for shelving options.

Bottles and hooks

Though in essence, functions like a conventional shelf, this shelf takes on the form of the object at which it is supporting. Hooks underneath makes for extra storage.

The art of layering

Having shelves stacked above each other all the way to the ceiling heightens the kitchen. Not only that, it makes full use of all available space for storage.