Recycling Pallets

Pallets are flat transport structures, often used for supporting goods. Although it appears coarse, be surprised at its ability to transform any space with just a little DIY.

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Stack some chairs

Everything casual and no frills is what pallet platforms suggest. Thick seating cushions over pallets offers more seating than conventional sofas. What's more, it is hardly unpretentious yet artistic at the same time.

Unpolished allure

Country concepts are versatile as it is able to take in both refined and rugged furnishings. A pallet can be used as-is in a country themed living without looking a slightest bit out of place.

Ottoman from scratch

Hardly any work is needed to transform a pallet into a chic black ottoman for the living area. Some sanding down and a simple spray paint of black or deep brown turns this unpolished wood support into a mod furniture for the modern home.

Levitation device

Almost like a platform bed, pallets offer a low cost option to raise the bed a little off the floor. This casual bed frame can be incorporated seamlessly into the industrial concept.

Working out a workspace

This pallet style workspace takes slightly more work. Despite its challenging built, it is one unique design that most creative individuals would be willing to climb mountains for.