à la Chinoiserie

Hint of Chinese motifs in European art is what best describes Chinoiserie. This 18th century design is nothing short of elegance with the charms of the Far East.

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Flowers and jar for definition


While motifs are important to pull off the Chinoiserie look, accompanying decor are just as important to ensure a polished look. Luscious flowers and plants are especially recommended to create a rich look.

Patterns in various hues


Motifs in various hues are crucial to ensure that the Chinoiserie theme does not turn monotonous. Choosing variations allow for another facet of the design to be displayed.

Motifs on other sources


While Chinoiserie motifs are found primarily on vases and wallpapers, other decor with such design can show its versatility. The cushions in this living area are such prime examples.

Jars and vases


In the Chinoiserie concept, it is to bring our the Far East flair in a Western style living area. Tall vases are synonymous with the Eastern interior decor, having one or more helps to exude the oriental elegance.

Having wall motifs


Chinoiserie wallpapering brings intricacy to the space. With ornate designs, the dining space should be kept simple so as to not overwhelm the space.