Captured in Polaroid

Take a photo and it lasts for a lifetime. Hanging up polaroids and photos of all your precious memories in the most creative way for the most personalised space.

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Timing the moments

Install a clock needle, with pictures surround it to make it appear like a clock. It is safe to say that it is one of a kind.

Wall of pictures

Put up all your favourite images in an oversized frame. Make it casual by placing propping the frame against the wall instead of hanging it.

Hang your heart on the wall

Line up your pictures in the shape of a heart. This hipster decor idea works best against a white wall, and simple furnishing on the side.

Make a centerpiece out of it

Create a centerpiece out of all your photos. This design makes an effortless chic focal point for any living space.

Colours of the rainbow

Group your photos according to the colour hues. This gradient of colours brings life into a any neutral space.