Navigating with Maps

Plot a course for the next spot you would like to travel to. Unleash the wanderlust in you with spaces decorated with maps and all things related to travelling. Get ready to open your eyes to the wonders of the other lands.

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Anchor spot

Along with a wallpapering of the world map, the use of a metal mesh anchor adds an unpolished feel to this bar space. The sleek black counter sits well with the ruggedness of travel.

Compass and maps

Take your work across the seven seas with inspiring antique maps as a backdrop for your workspace. The compass d├ęcor adds the allure of travel.

Set sail for new lands

Bits and pieces of map wallpapering cover the half panelled bedroom. Despite its traditionally elegant style, a feeling of pursuit for adventure ensues.

Eyes on the prize

Make it a point to show your thirst for adventure with a framed up map at your entrance. Coupled with decor pieces in the shade of the ocean, it is little wonder what is your favored mode of transport.

Taste of the exotic

Wine and dine while checking out which exotic cuisine you would like to try next. The choice of purple furnishing probably suggests a taste for the peculiar.