Step Up on Stair Design

Decor on stairs are much neglected. But if one were to put a little effort into decorating this common space, it can do wonders to the overall concept of your space.

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Running into colours

Pantone is an anuthority on color. That is why making use of that concept to colour your steps makes your simple space appear rather artsy..

Each step of frame

The side of the stairs can be used as a form of decor. Play on the angles of each step by hanging up similar frames. This design offers the space some visual stimulation.

Painting steps

While it can be laborious, painting patterns and designs on your steps can turn your once mundane space into something that is unique only to your home.

Tiles and more tiles

Make use of patterned tiles to line your steps. This no only makes this stairs aesthetically pleasing, it also lends an old world charm to the space.

The sun and starfish

In a coastal themed space, it is apt to put up ornaments related to the sea. Small embellishments may appear insignificant, but it is help to tie up the concept of the space.