Space Worthy of a Movie Critic

It is not uncommon for movie buffs to have posters of their favorite films hanging around their home. Learn the tips and tricks of using movies posters to make a space worthy of an Academy critic.

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Poster for the right era

Choose a poster that is significant based on the design of your space. A retro concept space would naturally call for a movie poster from the 60s'. This is to tie in the whole concept.

Colours that suit the space

If you are decorating a kid's room, pick a poster that reflects a child like innocence. Choosing bright colors are necessary to complement the vibrancy of youth.

Create a striking mismatch

Match a monotonous black and white modern concept with a colorful animated poster. This quirky mismatched decor asks for attention.

Line them up

If there are plenty of movies posters in the same design concept, why not choose to line them up. This offers visual stimulation to an otherwise conventional living space.

Group the same colour

The easiest way to pull off a film enthusiast's space is to group decor of the same color ask the poster together. This only works well with neutral hues.