Chalks and Boards

The chalkboard reminds one of school days and classy bistros. Bringing this casual effect into a home space introduces a personalized feel that may be lacking in conventional designs.

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Drawing up the timetable

Write down everyone's schedule at this entrance area. This makeshift calendar is makes it all the more convenient for reference.

Bistro at home

Create your own French bistro with a chalkboard to boot. Write down your day's menu, shopping list and even recipes.

Dignified sayings

At the dining area, nothing is more apt than the word 'eat'. Fixed upon a chalk board wall, a quote, review or even menu of the day can be written for the guests.

For the most practical

Be your own teacher with a chalkboard in your workspace. Write down reminders, ideas and concepts without fear of it being erased away.

Every bar's menu

Authentic to bars counters, a feature chalkboard can have inspiring quotes, food servings or even just plan jokes for guests to read while they fill their plates to the brim.