A Pop of Art

Significant in the art scene during the late 50s and early 60s, pop art is now a much prized decor in spaces. These often bright art pieces features people, things and feeling most can associate with. The personality of the pieces does translate into the space.

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Repetition for a point


It is hard not to tell that this style revolves around the sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. Portraits of her in different color variations brings the matching of colour into perspective.

Matching the colour theme


Characters from 'The Jetsons' seem to pop up more when hung against a neutral wall. To ensure that the space is well rounded up, adopt colours from the art.

Infuse the neutrals with colors


Inspiration from Keith Haring's colorful works can turn any white space into one of exploration. Ensure that the concept runs throughout the sleeping area, make room for colorful bed accessories and furnishing.

A giant mural for a strong impression


Quite literal in an artistic sense, the art wordlessly communicates that this space is a bathroom. Set against the bold yellow walls, it is hard to not the be impressed by this simplistic concept.

Use running colours


To create a bold space, make use of the colors present in the pop art of choice. This daring move will certainly make this living area all the more out of the ordinary.