Craftroom Organisation

Creative individuals demand a conducive space to unleash their artistic qualities. To do that, a well organised workspace is crucial so that nothing hinders the creativity process. Take a memo and put these organisation ideas to good use.

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Label the washi tapes

Label the board of tapes for easier reference. Stick a small bit of tape on the board so that you can just pick your tapes effortlessly.

Stack them up

Get narrow shelving to put all your ribbons, strings and small art materials. This type of shelving saves space and allows you to find whatever you need with a single glance.

Make use of airspace

While conventional shelving are useful for organisation, making use of the shelf edge to create extra storage. Install an additional rod for a hanging storage.

Bottles in every direction

Bottles are interesting organisation tools. Having it upright will allow storage for your brushes and tools. Inverted, it can be use to dispense strings and twine.

A rack for everything

The best way to get organised is to have a shelf for each craft tool. That way, it can be easily found.