Plate Them Up

Tableware can serve more than just its function of holding food. These days, fancy plates are finding themselves more so as a wall decor than a table accessory. Take a look at how these dishes are used for the purpose of decor.

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Create a direction

Colorful plates can be adopted to lead the eyes to a certain direction. Small plates are followed by larger plates, leading towards the dining area. This means it's time to eat!

Keep the colors crisp

Blue china add a sense of zest to a toned down beige seating area. Choosing a furnishing with similar plate print does a fine job of rounding up the design concept.

Use statement pieces

These plates with painted faces sure brings attention to this entrance area. Set in simple and muted colours, the plates almost come to life.

Simplicity for the unsure

For the unconfident, pick plates in various hues to start this wall plating journey. Solid coloured plates on walls are generally more forgiving than printed, elaborately designed plates.

Substitute plants for painted florals

An assortment of randomly placed florals plates decorate this airy study area. The plates is an elegant supplement to the well loved furnishing.