Of the Same Kind

Walls are the canvases of the home. They offer a place for the creativity to blossom. Rather than putting up the conventional painting, why not try to reinvent the space using multiples of the same ornament.

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Introduce nature to your space


Put up a kaleidoscope of butterflies to bring the outdoors to your space. The brightness of the colours seem to introduce the fresh breeze from the outdoors in.

Flashing your cards


Line up all your old flashcards on your wall for a vintage-contemporary look. It brings up fond memories of the childhood days.

Clocking the hours


One cannot have too much time, but who is to say if you want clocks to make up for it? Hanging up various type of clocks seem to transport you into the different eras in time.

Hang up your cutting board


A kitchen essential, sticking cutting board decals on the kitchen wall introduces a sense of quirk to the space. It is almost artsy.

Spools on the walls


Unconventional to say the least. A wall of thread spool holders give room for threads of countless colours to spruce up the neutral space.