Rustic Minimalist Chic

What happens when a conventionally heavy concept mixes with one that focusses on keeping things simple? One can say it's a marriage made in heaven. The rustic minimalist concept plays on the stable characteristics of wood, arranged in the most organised and functional manner.

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Wood influences

White spaces provide a space to practice one's design creativities. Incorporating rustic elements to a minimalist design means the use of only the essential furnishing in polished wood.

Stark and neutral

The simplicity of rustic minimalist design focusses on the functionality rather than extravagance. Of course, the wood brings some rugged air into the otherwise barren bedroom.

Neutral, but mostly warm

A kitchen by all means is a space that focusses on function. The rustic minimalist concept successfully brings out the function factor, yet at the same time, is able to play on the warm quality of the wood.

Waves of tranquility

Serene and quiet is the vibe of this bathroom. The clean design and open space suggest as airy feeling, almost like the coming of a gentle breeze.

Polished rustic

Minimalism polishes the look of rustic styled furnishing in this space. Despite its clean look, the wood is still able to give off a sense of the outdoors.