Subway-Styled Bathrooms

Inspired by the tiling designs of the subway, let this underground style see the light of day. Be surprised at how this seemingly casual design make a turn for the sophisticated.

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Slight variation for individuality

While most subway style tiling are in white, going for an off-white color scheme brings a slightly vintage feel to the space. Decorating this space with matching sconce makes for a casual chic space.

Restructure the space with tile patterning

The subway wall tiling design can be dull and stark. Incorporate tile patterning for the floor can bring a different perspective to this space.

Dark grout for a defined space

Apart from its functional purpose of sticking the tiles together, having obvious grouts provide lines to the space. The clean lines further emphasise the clean lines of the bathroom.

Hang a painting

Throw the design off a little by hanging up a portrait instead of a mirror. This artistic take on the subway wall treatment bathroom gives a alternative view on how a space can be decorated.

Simple decor for the a classy look

The subway style wall treatment have the tendency of being associated with the crummy transportation. You can clean up the act with simple and chic decor for a touch of class.