Affluence in Monochrome Bathrooms

A combination of sophistication - black and white schemes evokes a timeless sense of a la mode. Uncover the different looks that these neutral colors can offer in the bathrooms.

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Checkerboard flooring

The classic diamond floor pattern takes a unique turn in this bathroom. What used to be an ebony and ivory combination, has now gotten granite marbling involved as well.

Classy motifs

Damask motifs are one of the classic decor for wallpapering. Set in monochrome, the sophisticated intricacies on the walls seem to spring to life.

Eternal darkness

Dark panelling for walls brings back the days of old, while white mosaic flooring bring slight to the space. Understated in design, but extraordinary in style.

Divine tiling

Classy brick style tiling provide lines to the bathroom. While black frames adds a stylish perspective to the white space.

Stylish stripes

Contemporary and stylish stripes in black and white are the fad. This loud design is the focal point of any space.