Unpolished Storage

The industrial design plays on evoking the rough texture of metal. Storage in such style not only provides a space to store all your things, but also acts as a design element in the space.

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Metal drawers for a casual environment


Conventional drawers step aside, and welcome metal drawers. These tough, unpolished storage system lends some laid back feeling to the overall atmosphere of the space.

Be refined with wooden storage


Industrial storage does not always have to be in metal forms. Wooden shelving provides a more refined look, while retaining the rugged industrial feel.

Mesh for convienence


Mesh shelving are usually not incorporated in a space as it diverges from the main concept. However, its devil-may-care structure is welcomed in industrial concepts, for the simple reason that it has an unpolished look.

Stark shelf for a hardy look


For industrial spaces to achieve a rugged look, metals are usually adopted. Opt for dark metals with thick support. This gives off an unrefined look.

Used worn storage


Create a focal point with a preloved metal drawers. The vintage look echoes of the industrial period and the robust nature of this piece of furnishing.