Kid's Woodland Bedroom

Not every child has the chance to enjoy the greatness of the woodlands. For the city child that dreams of running barefooted down the forest trail, recreating that in the bedroom can be a great idea. Let your child's imagination take stride.

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Teepees for the lover of outdoors

Almost true to its form, this kid friendly teepee napping area brings the child from the noise of the urban area to that of the woodlands. Set with accompanying woodland animals as d├ęcor, it's hard not to imagine otherwise.

City's urban happy camper

Urban kids can find a sense of the outdoors with a bed made in the shape of a tent. Equipped with a door that allows the little one for some private time, it's almost true to its original construct. A tree shelving is not only functional, it does well to complete the space.

Camping in the wild

Canvas tents are the true authority when recreating a camping concept space. The tentage over the bed area rings even more true with a mural of the woodlands on the wall. The child is bound to fall in love with s'mores and stories at his or her very own camp fire.

Getting immerse in the woods

The woodland design is all about making use of wood to recreate the feeling in the woods. Doubling up as a play area and bedroom, this space is one that readily ignited the imagination of the child.

Temporary camping ground

Create a makeshift tent for your little one. This style makes an interesting addition to a bedroom or play area, even it meant having to pack up the camping supplies when the camping phase ends.