Industrial Chic Baths

A true industrial concept space emits a sense of rawness with its unfinished metals. This constructed look in black metals and tiled walls give a sense of chic to an otherwise unpolished space.

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Hiding behind frames

Black metal frames of this shower area lends structure as it holds the glass pieces of the shower together. Complimenting the sleek subway style tiling wall, it bath area is an unpolished gem.

Unpolished sanctuary

Structurally large baths can be separated into two functional areas. This lavish space can be further endorsed by the fact that industrial concepts opens a space up. Donned with a beautiful wash counter, it s surprising how well the industrial concept can be refined.

Match the unpolished with the polished

Black industrial style frame doors open up to reveal a marble counter of the bath. Fusing two characteristically different design elements brings a new perspective when it comes to fine tuning a space.

Clarity in simplicity

Keep the industrial style chic without cluttering it with design elements. This can be done so with a complementary sink area. By doing so, it emphasises on the beauty of the metal frames.

Accent with colours

While industrial concepts appear somber due to its typical neutral colours, a certain chic can come forth by including colour. Opt for bold yellows to brighten up the chic counter.