Shades of Grey

Grey is a colour that gravitates towards a sombre atmosphere. This neutral hue though melancholic has the ability to embrace bold designs, as such showcases its versatility. There are more shades to grey than one.

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Going brighter

Light grey walls emits a less serious ambience compared to its darker hues. Further brighten up this workspace with a bold yellow furnishing. Among this seriousness, one can sense a little fun.

Balancing with neutrals

While grey is dominant in this space, white furnishing does its job to balance out the severity of the dining space. With wood flooring, it almost gives a sense of warm.

Enter the textures

Grey may bring across a rather flat feeling to an entrance. Adding textures in the form of design, reflective surfaces and even rugs gives a much needed dimension.

Wash it out

A single slab of grey wall gives this narrow white kitchen an illusion of an even longer space. Keep this space classy with a simple rug in neutral colours.

Folding walls

Direct your eyes in this grey themed bedroom with a patterned divider that acts as a headboard. This subtle design element rounds up the neutral ambience.