Tie Back the Curtains

Curtains are functionally used to prevent light from entering a space. When it is not doing that, curtain tie backs facilitate in introducing light to the space. Explore the world of unique curtain tie backs for the most inspiring decor.

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Bring in the Plush


For a kid's space, make use of an old plush toy as a tie back. It is a playful take on traditional home décor.

Reuse old spoons


For those with a creative side, make use of old spoons for a unique tie back. Embellished spoons can turn an otherwise common tie back into something out of the ordinary.

Decorate with jewels


Jewels and trinkets are not only good as accessories, but also as a form of home decor. Make use of old necklaces and chains for a polished tie back alternative.

Hook them up


Little did one realised that clasp hooks can be used as a tie back. This simplistic design brings a little unpolished charm to delicate curtains.

On the Knob


Tie backs do not necessarily have to result in one tying back the curtains. Resting the curtain on a novelty designed knob can also prove to be a one of a kind décor accessory.