Mosaic: Using Tiny Tiles In Various Rooms

Piecing together tiles take effort, much less, hundreds and thousands of tiny mosaic pieces. Despite its painstaking way to assemble the mosaic surface, its' allure is difficult to ignore.

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Going for variation

The mosaic in this kitchen make use of variations of brown to exude feelings of mystery and hints a sense of friendliness.

Focussing on the majority

Mosaic tiles can serve as more than just a design element. Direct the eyes by using mosaic tiles to bring attention to the space.

Intricate designs for Impression

Make a statement in your kitchen with an elaborate mosaic design. It is important to note that with intricate designs, simple cabinets should be chosen as a complementing storage.

Colours sparingly

Mosaic tiles does not necessarily mean the use of same tiles and textures. Contrasting tiles can be adopted to make a point.

Using a myriad of colours

Despite its impression of being a kiddish combination, making use of primary coloured mosaic tiles has the ability to brighten up any serious space.