Organising the Vanity

Creating impressions are important and for that to happen, the vanity should be equipped with all the essentials. Organisation is therefore important to ensure that you know where all your things are.

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Trays to organise

Make use of trays to organise your accessories and fragrances. It allocates a section for all your trinkets and prevents them from getting lost.

Goblets for your storage

An interesting alternative to your regular container to store all your tubular shaped items. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, your vanity is almost a set up for decor.

Plate your accessories

Tableware can be used for more than plating your food. Make use of plates and cups to store all your small items. It puts everything in plain sight and at the same time keeps things organised.

Sectionals for the overall neatness

Keep your surface tidy by having sdividers in your drawer. This increases efficient and ensures that everything is where it should be.

Reuse dainty baskets

Make use of old baskets as a storage for all your small items. This country style storage alternative leaves an impression of rustic living.