5 Interesting Terrariums

Terrariums are all the rage when it comes to having indoor plant décor. Take delight in these fun sized greenery packed with an interesting twist. Nothing is what it seems with these living ornaments.

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Blooming lotus indoors


The beauty of the lotus can be transported into the confines of your home. This water plant terrarium is unusual and is everything exotic.

Doves in bowls


Introduce a feeling of peace with this open concept terrarium. Set in a glass bowl with a delicate stand, the dove ornament within suggest a sense of tranquillity.

Forest in a bauble


Bring to life the essence of the forest with the grace of a stag. This bauble of forest hung upon intertwining branches completes this nature themed terrarium

Like a sun for the plant


Can't figure between a light fixture or terrarium? This unique terrarium introduces subtle light, and brings a little green into an otherwise rigid space.

Teacup within the pot


Tea lovers would love this quirky terrarium. The design seems to tease with a plant set in a tiny teacup, atop a mount within the clear glass teapot.