Painted Steps

The stairs are rarely given much attention to, except for hanging some ornaments during festive seasons. Doing any other decorating to the stairs seems like a daunting a task, but ever wondered what wonderful things paint can do for your stairs?

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Overflowing colour

Make a statement with lines of bold colours. This graphic design is not for for everyone. This is best suited for spaces with neutral colours as it has an overwhelming nature.

'X's and 'O's

Almost inspired by the colours of the classic Penguin books, the beautifully crafted font does suggest a lover of the literary world. Vibrant orange and lines complements well with quirky d├ęcor.

Subtle balusters paint

For the less adventurous, try painting the balusters. Depending on the concept of the space, it can be painted in solid colours or in gradients for an understated design statement.

Mousing around

For the art inclined, painting the steps might be a great way of personalising your stairs. Silhouettes of mouse and holes spruce up the otherwise traditional looking steps.

Eye Illusion

Painting the steps does not mean that it has to be any obvious colours or design. Painting an optical illusion to create length is a great way to enhancing the steps without over decorating the space.