Color Blocking Your Home

It's passé in the fashion industry, but colour blocking is hardly a interior design that is outdated. Whether you are daring colour blocker or one that prefers a subtle style, this concept is bound to bring an a la mode attention to the space.

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Blocking the shelf

Colour blocking seem daunting as matching the wrong colours may turn a space gaudy. Stick to the tried and tested colours of the rainbow if unsure. For this to work well, ensure that the space is in neutral colours so it does not look frivolous.

Bold curtains

In neutral bathrooms, consider a colour block curtain for a statement. Supplement the design with matching bathroom accessories such as towels, pictures or rugs.

Colours of the frame

Colour blocking can be in the form of wall décor. For a subtle look, incorporate bold colours into the frames. To enhance this design element, place cushions in solid colours to bring across the point.

In complementary colours

If you like warm colours, reds, oranges and yellows make up a bright colour blocking scheme for any space. This works especially well if you are trying to achieve a light and airy space.

Furnishing in bold colours

Placing various bold coloured furnishing in the same room can be potentially disastrous. Select complementary colours in bold shades can pass off as a colour blocking style, yet retain a refined look to the space.