Nooks and Crevices

Finding room to accommodate your lifestyle can be challenging in a small space. One has to be conscientious when planning the décor and functionality of the space. Learn how to make use of the nooks and crevices around the house to fully utilize the space in the house.

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Expanding small spaces

Wall indentations can be a pain when you have no idea how to find the perfect furnishing to fill up the space. When it comes to this, opt for shelving or built in cabinets for a personalised reading area.

A tiny nook

Kids are like tiny adults. They like to have a space they can retreat to. Transform that tiny nook at the end of the corridor into a reading spot for the little one.

A little more than an indent

Odd wall indentations can be an eye soar, or an opportunity to create a sleek workstation like such. Transform this space into a minimalist style work area with a simple built in surface and shelving for storage. It almost feels like an open concept office.

Save that little space

Tiny nooks can be a blessing in disguise. Although it may be difficult to find a furnishing or surface that fits perfectly, but when one does, it feels as though that nook is made specifically for it.

A customised nook

Wood enthusiasts would love this textured nook. The wood promotes a strong yet cosy working environment. Bring a pop of colour with a bold yellow cabinet.