Bedroom for the Freshmen

Whether you are an ivy-leaguer or from a community college, one of the best present college life can gift you is the chance to have your own dorm room. Feel free to unleash the inner interior decorator within you.

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Back to Basics

Whether you are a lover of wood or just prefer a space that is purely functional, this minimalist dormitory style might just be the best option. With plenty of storage below the bed and wall shelving for a semester's worth of books, you are bound to score in this conducive environment.

Calling the preppy chic

To evoke every sense of class, this simple yet chic space borrows the patterns from the art deco era. The point to note is to have key pieces such as the headboard and chair to be in elaborate designs. That way the neutrality of the other parts of the room can balance out the intricate patterns.

Just the bare essentials

Practice calm in this Zen inspired space. This conducive space allows for you to unwind after a day of academic writing. For the ultimate zen space, keep furnishing to the minimal. Having the mattress on the floor makes for a casual, almost tatami rest area.

Enter the garden

The shabby chic style has a cult following and it's not difficult to understand why. This comfortable concept does well to remind one of home. For this to work, look for vintage sheets and decor from yard sales or hand me downs. Put up silhouettes of inspiring literary characters for a chic touch.

Living the free life

Free spirited individuals can find solace in a place as such. An eclectic space it not just about throwing a couple of patterns and some fairy lights. Take into consideration pieces that inspire as well as furnishing that speaks of your personal unique style. A well round eclectic space should not look messy, instead it should reflect a passionate person in a structured manner.