Ceilings in Paint and Patterns

Look up, and more often than not, you will find a boring ol' white ceiling. Though practical and 'it doesn't go wrong', why not be a risk taker and discover what designs and colours on the ceiling can do to your space!

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Framing the black ceiling


Contrary to most beliefs, a black ceiling does not close up the space in the room. Of course, the trick is to limit the amount of black on the ceiling. Paint the dark hue within the confines of the ceiling cornice for a 'frame' effect. For an added touch of class, have a ceiling motif in white for a focal point for your light fixture.

A ceiling full of stars


Waste the night away staring at the wonders of the nebula. The best part? It's at the comfort of the bed. Spark the wild imagination of the young ones with stories of aliens and light years beyond with this novelty ceiling design.

Paint the ceiling with stripes


If your space is small, why not try the alternative of painting the ceiling in stripes to create an elongated effect. It maximises the space, and adds up for a quirky personality.

Ceiling for bold and beautiful


Not all pink is associated with fragility and daintiness. Hot pink for one demands attention and a certain degree of respect for the decor. Its domineering nature makes it a focal point and can instantly turn any neutral space into one of significance.

Subtle sophistication


Purple is a class act in interior design. A colour of extravagance and chic, its effect on the space is nothing less than ordinary. For those looking to up their game in interior design, purple is an unexpected choice for the daring.