Taping the Decor

If you like the simplicity of the minimalist style and feel that decorative ornaments take too much space. Create a new perspective by decorating your home with tape. Yes, tape. Who knows, this state of the art design might be the latest trend.

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Tape for headboard


Enjoy the night with views of the skylights, or at least the silhouettes of it. A headboard designed out of tape might probably just be the most interesting room décor yet.

Angles and Dimensions


Add dimension to the space with a graphic style tape design to the corner of your room. It leaves an illusion of a larger space and one with personality.

Making Frames


Find a way to put up pictures without actually using frames. The best part about using tape as a frame is that you can hang in it in any way, in whatever design you want.

Taping around the kidsroom


Brighten up the kids space with colourful tapes. Create wall décor that inspire your kid's imagination or even let them take reins of how their rooms will be like.

Tape more, less furnishing


Some prefer to take precedence of function over design. Strike a balance out of function and design with a tape inspired living space. Best for small spaces and those that prefer a sense of quirk in their space.