Incorporate Gingham Check Design into Your Home

Call it old school, but the Gingham design is a tried and tested pattern with a long wearing history since the 17th century. Today, adopt this timeless check style in any part of your home for that extra sense of cosy, preppy chic ambience.

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Focus on Gingham

For individuals with a taste for simplicity, a neutral scheme spaces are likely the choice color to go for. It is important to keep colors and decor to the minimal so as to prevent the room from looking overly decorated. Patterns such as the Gingham check adds depth and focal point to the design.

Stylised sofa for ambience

The living are is a space for conversation or rest. Bring the focus to your seating area with a Gingham patterned seating area. The comforting design introduces a relaxed atmosphere to ease away any stresses.

Gingham on walls for soft impact

Creating an impact does not require a bold colour or playing with design extremes. Introducing the Gingham design on a single wall can dictate the style of a space without being overly intense on the eyes.

gingham shelving.png

While little attention is placed on the storage system of a space, having a gingham check design at the back of your shelving can add a sense of playfulness to the space.

Hint of Gingham

While most want to go all out with the design, leaving hints of the style around the space allows for the subtility of to bring out the charms of the space!