Touch of Gold

Call it Midas touch or the mind of a magpie, gold has this mysterious magnetic characteristic about it. Regarded as a color for the rich and prominent, incorporating this bold decor is bound to make the eyes flutter with envy.

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Old world charms

Recreate some old world charm with art deco style décor in gold. Gold of different texture and add depth and brings prominence to the space. It works especially well with simple floral arrangement and lighting.

Tabletop attraction

For dark and neutral spaces, make use of gold to create a focal point. This décor makes an especially strong point in contemporary and modern style space.

Wallpapering in gold

For the daring, opt for gold motif wallpapering. This elaborate décor makes for a bedroom that demands attention to the bold design preference of the homeowner.

Hints of gold

Some may feel that too much gold can turn a space gaudy. For those taking baby steps with this metallic color, you can choose small decor pieces to make a transition.

All out gold

Contemporary chic kitchens don't have to be always in black or white. For those wanting an avant garde kitchen, try fixing fully metallic gold cabinets. Pair it with marble for the most sophisticated look.