5 Interesting Bathroom Storage Ideas

Taking up one of the smallest area in the house, the bathroom does take additional effort to work out where is the most strategic location to put all your amenities. Run through these interesting ideas for the most aesthetically pleasing and functional storage systems.

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For a splash of colour


Inject brightness into the space with brightly painted crates. Informal and fun, stack these storage units up whichever way you please.

Make use of all space


If your bathroom is small, consider building a storage unit into your wall. This makes use of spaces that appear unused and at the same time, provide a space to hide all your toiletries.

Storage under the sink


The space below the sink are often not used. Make full use of this area with racks for your towels. Alternatively, you can make use of baskets for your clean and used towels.

Above eye level


Often we do not pay attention to things that are above our eye level. How about making use of the space above the door to store all your bathroom amenities. It allows for all your niceties to be tucked away out of sight.

Going for old school shelving


For those with a large bathroom, you can consider having a towel shelving. Stack your towels and bath amenities for a sleek feel. Your selection of shelving makes the difference in the overall look of your space. A wood shelving will appear casual while a white based metal shelving will give off a classy ambience.