Dining in Luxury

It is not often that you would get to dine in a Michelin worthy restaurant. Throw all that envy away and have your very own luxurious dining room. Hold a dinner party, or have an intimate dinner, it is your call. One thing for sure, it is bound to be the talk of the town.

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Casual Chic

Linear Space Concepts

Almost reminds one of downtown Manhatten's swanky dining spots. To bring out the ritzy feel, incorporate furnishing with clean lines. Mixing various textures can bring out a forward looking space.

White Divine

The Interior Place

Neutral colors are often used to bring across a sophisticated ambience. When using whites, ensure that there are various tints and shade of white to bring an impression of depth to the space. Well positioned lighting also helps to bring up the image of the space.

Wide open space

Ming Design & Build

Open concept designs are adopted to augment the overall space. Enhance the space with a suspended ceiling to frame the dining area and hang a chrome finish light fixture to this modern lush space.

Warm sophistication

Promax Design

Fancy spots are often set in a dark ambience, mostly to give a sense of mystery. Bring the wood and leather to introduce warmth to the space. Suspended cubic style light fixtures to illuminate area after dark.

Elaborate motif


Lush spaces are often decorated with ornate designs. Remodel your dining area with elaborate motifs and add an over the top chandelier for a posh dining space.