5 Unique Living Room Concepts

The layout of a home is important. While most HDB flats follow a generic floor plan, one's design does not have to follow those run of the mill designs. Step into these living rooms and get inspired to create a world that is unique to only you and you alone.

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Open Concept Living

Inside Lookz

Most homes do not have the luxury of a wide open space. One way to go about that is through creating an open concept. By knocking off walls and combining various functional spaces together, seemingly large space can be achieved.

Simplified Glamor

Urban Design House

An urban chic space does not necessarily have to be embellished with excessive detailing. Give the living an effortless swank with a grand chandelier and delicate lighting. It's all about create perspective.

Warm Ambience

Pavilion Creation

Create a warm ambience with features that make you melt in comfort. Home décor pieces such as beige rugs and use of dark wood, it brings across the idea of cosiness.

Modern pop

3D Innovations

Modern designs are often thought to be stark. Infuse a little fun in this concept with bold pink cushion. Planters brings life to this otherwise trite concept.

Oriental Extremes

Add Space Design

Turn your clock backwards and transform your living area into one reminiscent of the ancient oriental getaway. Having a themed space means that you have to be meticulous when choosing your décor and color scheme. Opt for a modern take on classic designs so as not to make the space appear like a clash of different designs.