Turning White; 5 Different Vibes White can Bring to a Living Room

White is known to be versatile. Whether what shade or hue, it is able to balance out the space, and at the same time, provide a certain flair that speaks nothing less of classy. Find out what white can do to bring out different ambience in the living area.

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Modern Aerial

Urban Habitat Design

Modern concept spaces have a tendency of looking overly serious with its heavy use of monochromatic colours. If you want to achieve the sleekness of modern concept without its harsh characteristic, going white is choice. White instantly opens up the space, bringing in some much need cheer to the space.

Luxurious White

Aptus Design

Opulence are usually done so with elaborate designs and rich colours. If going all grandeur is too intimidating for your taste, why not consider swapping out the strong colours for white. Retaining plush textures and lush fabrics can still emit a taste for the finer side while keeping it understated.

Transit to White

De Style Interior

Traditional designs are well-loved but leaves an impression of a space that require some updating. Modern spaces tend to have a stark characteristic. Merging the two distinct style will produce a comfortable, clean lined space that emits a sense of cosiness and style. White in such spaces eases between the two concepts, promoting a much needed balance.

Contemporary Deluxe

The Interior Lab

As far as contemporary spaces go, it is clean and sleek. What sets it apart is the choice of colour. Though white is a neutral color that may appear stale, it is the complementary design elements that transforms this vague space into one with a multifaceted, dimensional space.

Eclectic simplicity

Juz Interior

Colours are the main element that gives an eclectic space its unique flair. While splashes of various vivid colour may be off throwing to certain individuals, white might be the color that can salvage the situation. Make use of white to balance the out of the ordinary features of the space.