Deciding on the best Kitchen Layout

There are a thousand and one kitchen layouts, but only one can truly fit your floorspace and working style. Before deciding, learn more about how each layout can help you to enhance the experience of working in the kitchen.

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One wall layout for the space constrained

Aart Boxx Interior

One wall layouts are especially great for small spaces. While it has plenty of storage space, it provides limited workspace. With the cook top and prep sink taking much of the space, one must consider the best placement of the refrigerator, or even consider a separate surface for plating.

Galley Style functionality

Diamon Tif Interior

If you've been on an airplane before, you will the struck at how a small space can be use as a fully functioning food prepping area. Likewise, a galley style kitchen promises high functionality and storage to individuals that use the kitchen often. However, with plentiful storage, the dining area has to be compromised.

U shaped for access

Design Chapterz

For individuals that like everything within an arm's reach, the U shaped kitchen layout will be choice. The cabinets are placed close together to enhance work flow and efficiency. The restriction of this layout is that it commands just enough space for one cook. It is however, not advisable to create an overly large U shaped kitchen as it breaks down the efficiency due to its sheer size.

L-shaped for the casual

Dream Innovation Home

For a kitchen to accommodate multiple cooks, it has to be one with plenty of workspace, yet with a smooth flow of access. The L-shaped layout is designed to enhance work flow and even to entertain guests in a casual setting.

U shaped and Island for interaction

Vabene Kitchen & Bath

The best part about the combination of U shape and island kitchen layout is that it balances between functionality and efficient. It allows for separate areas for dining and prepping, making it a layout that is better suited for a large or open concept space.