Instant Halloween Decor

Not everyone has the time to recreate a scene out of a horror film for the Halloween season. Like a bat out of hell kind of décor will save those with little time to spare, but just enough to make sure that the annual scare fest don't go overlooked. Get some simple DIY ideas with these quick to do, but scare worthy mini projects.

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Spells Raven

Spook your guests with this caged raven. Watch as it almost comes to life as it glares straight through your soul. Placed upon a book of spells, it seems to bring some supernatural energy to the space.

Double Double, Toil and Trouble

Channel the three witches from Macbeth and create your very own poisons and potions. Fill up bottles with coloured water or drinks and finish off with personalised labels. Put it up as decor or have a game of Truth or Dare, it's your call.

Lost Souls

Vintage photos in glass bottles is reminiscent of those lost souls caught by exorcists. A warning to keep the bottle lids untouched is bound to make this décor goosebumps worthy among your guests.


Nothing scares more than just a simple 'BOO!' For individuals with a minimalist concept in mind, hanging this simple décor creates just about the right focal point. Add a crow to accent and provide character to your space.

Wreath of snakes

People with ophidiophobia will probably steer clear of your home with this snake wreath. Strike fear with brown snakes intertwining around a wooden wreath. Medusa would be proud of this tribute.