Going Black for Your Home

Although often used as to bring out sophistication and class in a space, black in a versatile colour. Take advantage of this neutral colour to create space of various vibes. You never know, black might just be a colour that brings about just about as fun as the bright colours.

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It's a Class Act

Arc Space Design

Black is used to bring about a sophisticated style in this dining space. This neutral colour emits a detached feeling, making it feel almost aloof or to some, even pretentious. Bring it down a tone by introducing patterns, various materials or even colour.

Modernised Cove

Atelier Concept

One can retreat into this cosy modern living area. While black is predominately used as the colour scheme of the space, the clear glass doors introduces much needed natural light and airiness into the space. This balances out the heaviness of colour scheme.

Comforting Darkness

Image Creative Design

The secret to transforming a black schemed space into one of comfort, is through the use of light. Make use of light fixtures to accentuate the space. This not only adds depth, but also a draws attention away from the harsh colour.

Sleek chic

Urban Interiors

Apart from looking like a million bucks, this black schemed kitchen accented with white is nothing short of chic. To recreate a look like this requires a dedication to knowing the effects of contrasting colours. And of course, the right lighting and d├ęcor to pull of the casual chic look.


Dots 'n' Tots

Red and black are two dynamic colours. When used together, one can only expect an explosion of daring and fun. The richness of the two colours are can be brought down further with plain flooring and simple lights.