Keep Your Space Neat with Creative Cable Organisers

It can be a mess when it comes to cables. And the last thing you want is to have the messy wires tangling and creating mayhem in a well decorated room. Take a cue from these interesting take o

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Simplified cable organising

Having a power point smack in the middle of your wall can be an eyesore, especially when you have a wire dangling from it. Consider using the cable to create a design, in this instance, the cable is made to appear like a creeper plant.

Behind the iceberg

Having a mess of wires and plugs is not at all flattering to any space. Hide them away with a makeshift iceberg cover. Aesthetically pleasing, yet at the same time serves as a functional piece to a necessity in the space.

Desktop organiser

Clear the mess on your table with transmission towers on your desk. This fun decor allows for one to rethink about how design pieces can be functional at the same time.

Cable art design

For individuals with an artistic flair or love for something different, a cable wall art might just be the answer. Whether you want a whale or a the city skyline, it's entirely your call. The best part? It's totally unique to your space.

Fence up

Subtle yet at the same time acts like a floor cornice, the picket fence is a great way of hiding all the messy wiring in a neat and organised manner. This would be more suited for country style concepts.