Recycle Your Shoeboxes For Decor

Can be made for just about anything, the shoebox is more just a storage for your shoes. Let your shoeboxes breath a second life by incorporating details, paint and patterns.

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Shoebox Charging Station

Create a neat alternative to store away messy wires. Re-purpose shoe boxes with a nice wrapper and punch holes at the side for wires to go through.

Shoebox Wall Shelving

Spruce up the walls brightly painted or wrapped shoe boxes. A decor on its own, these alternative storage can be a good surface for some quirky ornaments.

Shoebox Lid Art

Those seeking for a unique wall decor, why not put up shoebox lids. Select patterned paper or fabric to cover the shoebox lids for the most customised design.

Organising with shoebox

Instead of throwing away shoe boxes, why not recycle them to organise your belongings. Wrap the boxes in beautifully designed paper and label them according to your things.

Shoebox Lugguge

For those feeling artistic, draw out a luggage design on used shoeboxes. Stack up these boxes for a classy yet, interesting d├ęcor.