Space Efficient Ideas for Small HDB Balconies

For the average city dweller in Singapore, every space in the house should be maximised to the fullest. That is where the balcony comes in. Despite its size, this small area can be transformed into a multi functional space for almost anything at all. It's all about finding the right fit.

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Open Concept Balcony

While having a separate space for a balcony can be delightful, having an open concept balcony can enhance not only the visible spatial area, but bring in the outdoors. Take in the breeze and enjoy the view while nested on your lounge chair.

Make space for the Arts

Given that a usual HDB flat may not have space dedicated solely to work. Making use of the balcony and what it offers can just be the better alternative. Setting up your workstation at the balcony allows for a place of solitude to concentrate.

Nook for Reading

Book enthusiasts would love for a space they that they can transport themselves into an alternate reality. Transform the balcony into a space for all your escapades with a simple shelving and a comfortable wicker chair. Setting the best environment makes the reading all the most pleasurable.

Tucked away playroom

If you have little ones, the balcony is a great place to transform into a playroom. This hides away the mess that comes along with play time, and at the same time, give the little adult space to express and learn.

Private Garden

Most use the balcony to show off their flair as an urban gardeners. Whether green finger or not, creating a space to introduce the outdoors in brings a welcoming vibe to the home. Set aside some space for a small table and seating, and you are on your way to having a great tea time space.