5 Simple and Easy Christmas Decor

It's never too early to deck the halls. Bring in the festive spirits with these simple decorations as you and your loved one anticipate the season of joy.

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Gingerbread Man and Ribbon


The gingerbread man is synonymous to Christmas. Other than for nibbling on, these treats can also be turned into décor elements. Ensure that when holes are made prior to baking so that you will be able to string these delightful spice scented ornaments up.

Cinnamon Stick with Candles


Cinnamon is a spice that is commonly used during this wintry season. Using a simple twine or red string to tie cinnamon sticks to a candle not only decorates the space, but also allow the comfortable scent of cinnamon to waft through the home.

Baubles in a Basket


For those that invest a sum on Christmas ornaments, this is a great idea to reuse your old baubles. Put some of your most intricate baubles into a basket. This simple décor takes under 5 minutes to achieve, but leaves a lingering impression.

Star and Fairy Light


Often used as a principle decoration ornament during festive periods, these accessories are a great way to brighten up any space. To enhance the mood of Christmas, opt for lights in shaped of fairies and stars. To steer your decor from the conventional, try hanging up individual string of lights instead of draping it around the tree.

Christmas Sprigs in Vase


If you have the luxury of a fresh Christmas tree, there are bound to be some loose sprigs. Waste nothing by placing these sprigs into vases. Line them up and you will have a chic decor.