5 Minimalist Workspace Inspiration for Your Home

Sometimes you just need a table and a chair to get to work. Sometimes you need a little inspiration to get you going. In the course of getting things done, over saturation of décor may be a bad distraction. This is where a list of minimalist workspace ideas come into play. Trade out congested space with clean lines.

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Industrial Minimalism


This is what Industrial meets minimalism looks like. Set your gears to work with this metal work inspired work surface. To achieve this look requires more than just clean lines, but a selective décor that focusses on the raw texture of the a well welded metal piece.

Simplified Eclectic


Simple is not something that people would associate with the eclectic style. Often a mesh of pre-loved and almost mismatched décor, this design have the tendency to be heavy on the aesthetics. clean out the design by having a main focal point and a select few ornaments to supplement the space.

Urban Chic Decor


Take charge with this urban chic workspace. The secret to such a space is trying to strike a balance between stripping away unnecessary design elements and making it up with simplified yet defining ornament pieces.

Clean Pastel


Somehow light colours seem to leave an impression of calm and light heartedness. In such spaces, it is important to be careful with decorating as it has a high chance of being visually overwhelming. As a safety net, stick to uncomplicated décor.

Baring Minimalism


While white is a rather static colour, it also makes a point to void one of distraction. In a neutral schemed space, it is important to break its monotony without creating any imbalance. Introduce various neutral tints and shades for a smooth transition between colours. That way, it adds some personality to the workspace, without having much of a distraction.